The Content Marketing Quandary

The problem with content

Running a business is a lot of work, and one friction point for owners is establishing and maintaining ongoing connections with their audiences, an imperative in today’s world where customers often seem to connect before buying.  Whether via blogs, newsletters or any of a number of social media channels, there is a never-ending need for new, relevant content so that businesses can engage with their customers/users.

Content Creation is hard work
Content Creation is hard work

Many business owners, usually due to resource limitations, often only generate content about what they do. A restaurant might only write about food, a lawyer only about law. However, this doesn’t reflect the reality that their audiences/users have other interests, each of which represents a powerful opportunity to establish a connection and increase engagement. Restaurant patrons also enjoy sports; they like to garden; and they attend local events. The clients of a law firm enjoy going to the beach, or discovering a new restaurant. If a business can find a way to connect with their clients outside of their area of expertise, it provides another touch-point to stay relevant and more importantly, connected.

Areas that represent powerful opportunities for expanded audience/user engagement might be:

  • Local events such as concerts,museum exhibitions, roadshows, elections.
  • New or closing restaurants.
  • News about local personalities (politicians, bands, movie stars, etc).
  • Sports results for home teams (across all sports).
  • Weather events.
  • Local crime.

Writing about these pose a number of problems however, because they require TIME to curate, and SKILLS to write.  The former is often the least available resource for small businesses and the latter is just not within the wheelhouse of most businesses . If a local concert is coming up, what genre is it? When is it? Where is it? What do you write about and how do you fill an entire blog post with interesting information about a concert?

The Solution

Finally a solution to constant content creation
Finally a solution to constant content creation

Media Gazelle decided to solve this problem by simply doing all the work up front; find the facts, write the article from scratch, generate supporting media like a custom image, and, for good measure add micro-tagging to make search engines happy. SMBs can even add links to buy tickets to relevant events. How does all this work? Well, that’s the secret (patent-pending) sauce. Suffice to say that it’s complicated but awesome.

With Media Gazelle, all that is needed is to Search – Select – (edit) – Publish. It really is that simple. 

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