Is Your Business Staying Relevant?

How do you stay relevant in an online world of businesses vying for every click and page view? How can you effectively create exciting, custom content without breaking the bank and spending a lot of time doing it? Read on to see how Media Gazelle can effectively and affordably solve your content marketing problems.

The Initial Excitement

These are exciting times. You have started your new business and established an online presence. You have customers. Things are looking promising, but growth is slow. Your customers love your product but you are having a difficult time converting them to repeat customers and, what’s worse, you are not attracting new customers. Even a new Facebook page, an attractive website and a Twitter account does not translate into increased users and customers. You quickly realize that having static content is just not enough.

Joy until reality hits

The Pit of Despair

The answer, while straightforward, is onerous in implementation To stay relevant, increase search ranking, connect with customers, you need to create a constant flow of new and interesting content. This applies not only to your website and newsletters, but across all social media channels.  

So you start writing content and, of course, you write about what you know: your product. Things are going well, you write some blog posts, and you update your social media channels. The first week you write 10 posts; the next week five; then three; then one; then you skip a week. Hit by the reality that writing content constantly is a lot more work than you anticipated, you have to choose between running your business or creating content. After a while you start asking yourself: What is new? What do you write about now? How do you possibly create enough blog entries per day? Maybe you start looking at other formats. You learn basic Photoshop and create some images. You look into copyright issues to buy and use stock images. But ultimately, the flow of ideas for new content fizzles. You realize you need help.

Writing is harder than it looks

The Money Pit

Help often comes in the form of hiring people to create your content. You could perhaps use Upwork or Scripted to order custom content. Then you discover you first have to define what you want them to write, then wait a few days or sometimes even weeks. The result? Well, if you pay $250 for an article, it is probably really good. If you only can afford $25, that’s pretty bad. In addition, for any article you get back, you need to go back and forth with the writer before you arrive at a version that aligns with your marketing strategy. When it’s all done, it’s back to Photoshop to create a relevant image.

In short measure, you have experienced challenges common to all businesses. As a small-to-medium-sized business, your challenges are compounded by the fact that you don’t have the marketing budget of larger companies, and that:

  • Without continuously edited content you have no reach.
  • It is not enough to create content about your product: you need to tap into your audience’s feelings (emotion is necessary for virality).
  • Content must be relevant, hyperlocal and create emotional resonance.
  • While social media facilitates interactive communication at a rapid pace in deploying your marketing strategy, movement is not the same as motion.

Content, we got you

The Lifeline

Media Gazelle set out to solve these challenges and to help small-to-medium-sized businesses get back to focusing on what they are good at and that’s running their businesses. This allows you to continue to generate content specific to your product while doing the all-important but less attainable thing: connect to what your audience feels passionate about.

Our solution automates content creation. From text to images, videos and infographics, Media Gazelle creates all content automatically. We don’t do this on-demand, but rather we monitor the world for interesting events, and then write about them. Businesses can then search these articles, find the ones that are relevant to their business or locale, grab them and publish. The content is not just text. Each article includes media such as a custom image, or perhaps a video, a chart or an infographic. Everything is ready to publish.

The best part is that because this is automated, Media Gazelle can pass on our savings to our customers, making the content extremely affordable compared to other content providers.

So how does it work? How can Media Gazelle possibly create content that an independent restaurant or a plumber might think is relevant to their customers? The answer lies in the word ‘scale’. Media Gazelle operates at scale, which means we generate so much content that there is always something for everyone. Let’s take the example of a fictive restaurant.

Joe's Taco Joint
Joe’s Taco Joint

The Solution

Joe’s Taco Joint is experiencing the challenges described above. Joe needs online content to connect to his faithful customers. This will help with rankings and to remind his customers about his delicious tacos. He signs up with Media Gazelle and browses for articles related to his local area, downtown San Diego.

Meanwhile, Media Gazelle monitors the world for events, such as concerts, sports, weather, new bills in Congress, new album releases, you name it. As these are found, Media Gazelle’s engine starts writing about them, correlating them to locations. A concert is taking place near Joe’s Taco Joint next week; the San Diego Padres won its latest game; there’s a storm heading towards San Diego; and there’s a new album out by the San Diego band “Blink-182” (And coincidentally today is the birthday of one of the band’s members, Mark Hoppus). All of this is local news, and all of these will be available to Joe.

Joe finds the articles. He selects them and copies them to his content management system. Each article includes a custom image, and the Blink-182  article has a short video. Joe decides to offer a 5 percent discount the rest of the day because of the Padres win, and posts the news. He also offers a 5 percent discount to anyone bringing in a Blink-182 CD during the week, and he personally congratulates Mark Hoppus on his birthday in the post, offering him a free birthday lunch (and hoping Mark will share this news with his friends).

In the course of a few minutes, Joe has posted (or scheduled) several articles that are relevant, local, interesting, with great-looking graphics, and he has generated emotional resonance with his audience. The articles come in long-form for his web page, and in shorter versions suitable for social media. They include micro-tagging which is candy for search engines, and all the relevant categories, tags, etc., are ready to use. The content is ‘fresh’ and relevant.

The next day, Joe finds articles about a new taco recipe, another concert, a local politician’s birthday, and the sudden drop of a stock price for Taco Bell. All of them ready to go.

The Fun Part

You may have noticed the full size images in this blog post. While these particular images were not automatically generated, they were produced by our solution.

Peace of Mind with Media Gazelle

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