Three Ideas For Connecting With Your Customers

When it comes to content marketing and the idea that you always need to connect with your audience, many small-to-medium-sized businesses struggle with ideas on what to write. You might run a small music venue or a bar and so the questions you ultimately face are: How do I connect with my customers and how do I stay relevant in my community?

Getting Started

Here at Media Gazelle, we do the thinking for you and are actively working on ways to help you to quickly and easily get the varied content you need. Even if you do not choose to use our services, here are three ideas we can offer for staying connected.

To get you started on creating your own content, let us assume you already have ideas for content: New drinks on the menu? Check. Next concert scheduled? Check. Sale coming up? Check. These are easy articles to write and you know your customers are interested in them. But to avoid growing stale and repetitive, it is important to also write about other topics, and somehow tie them back to your business.

But what subjects should you consider and how should you write about them?

Sports, Everyone Loves Sports

While your site might not be focused on sports, you can easily tie sporting events and games back to your business. For example, when the home team wins a big game, post about it. What happened? Was there a major upset? Who scored the winning goal, basket, touchdown? Was it a nail biter or a walk in the park? All of these angles can easily be used to write a short article. At the end, try tying the event to your own business by offering a small discount for the rest of the day, an extra happy hour, or 5 percent off if a customer mentions the game or wears the team jersey. Make it fun and relevant, and make sure to do this right after the game ends. You could even offer a free drink to the players (tag them on Twitter). The possibilities are endless.

Las Vegas Won
Las Vegas Won

Other Special Events

If there is an event nearby, say within a 5 mile radius, this is a perfect opportunity to write a short summary about it. As with sports, you can offer a variety of discounts for people with ticket stubs, or even a special menu related to the event. If a museum for example has an exhibit of French Impressionists, you could put together a special French menu just for that, or a special cocktail from France. Again, let your imagination run wild.

Chagall, the Drink
Chagall, the Drink

Local Business Events

A new business opens nearby, so why not write about it? Maybe even contact the owner and have him or her write about your business and get some cross promotion going. Perhaps your neighbor is a restaurant introducing a new item on the menu. If you have a small concert venue, offer a special deal with the restaurant. Local businesses have events all the time, they come and go, menus change, opening hours change, ratings go up and down. Keep an eye on those changes and write about the ones you can tie in to your own business. As an example, think of a new restaurant that just opened and quickly gets 5-star reviews on Yelp. If you run a music venue, this is an opportunity for a concert and a dinner special.

Food & Beer
Food & Beer

These are just a few ideas on how to stay relevant with your community and your customers, and using content marketing to grow your business. If you don’t have the time to always do this yourself, Media Gazelle can do it for you. All you have to do is search and select what articles you want, from a growing list of offerings, and use them as-is or feel free to put your personal spin on it.

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