Made For You

Let's face it, content creation is not for everyone, it takes skill to write a good story.
We built Media Gazelle so you can publish more content, faster, with higher engagement.
We built it for you.

Founded on passion

Founder and CEO Anders Heie grew up in the newspaper industry. His father was a journalist, and his step-father a typesetter. They both worked on newspapers in Copenhagen where Anders grew up, and he remembers fondly constant click-clack of his dad typing away on his trusty typewriter.

The problem

Frustrated with the state of journalism, Anders believed that if newspapers could produce more quality content, cheaper, it would free up resources for journalists to perform the in-depth research that is so sorely needed these days.
One way to do this would be to automate content

The solution

After some brainstorming, Anders came up with a novel way of writing news articles from scratch, including any kind of media, and Media Gazelle was born.

The bonus: This works for everyone, not just for news, which is why we now let anyone sign up for our service.

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