Meet Us in May at Collision in Toronto, Canada

We are super excited to be attending the Collision Startup Conference in Toronto May 20-23, and would love to meet you. We will have a booth for a day, and we are part of the Alpha program where the conference selects promising start-ups to join and connect with investors.

Investors can schedule meetings via the conference app (Available in May), or just look for Media Gazelle in the Alpha section.

See you there.

“World Autism Awareness Day, 2018” Proclamation Signed By President Donald Trump

On Apr 2nd, 2018, President Donald Trump signed Proclamation number 2018-07143.
The Proclamation titled “World Autism Awareness Day, 2018” was published on April 05, 2018.

Download the PDF of “World Autism Awareness Day, 2018.”

Twenty Four Hour Trading Sees Cryptos Move Higher

Crypto Currencies on the Rise

Of the 1,665 digital crypto currencies we monitor, the past 24 hours saw total market gains of $15,276,836.00, as 859 currencies rose and 790 went down. The biggest impact on the market came from Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dash (DASH).

(NYSE:AWK) American Water Works Company Inc Sets 52 Week High Record


American Water Works Company Inc (NYSE:AWK)

March 15th, 2019
With markets going up American Water Works Company Inc rose $0.87 Friday which equals a 0.83% increase, closing at $105.81. Furthermore it hit a new 52 week high of $106.35. In addition to finishing higher, trading volumes were solid at 391% of normal which can indicate investors see opportunities. Be aware that the Altman Z-Score1 (An indicator of the probability for a 2-year bankruptcy) is below the recommended threshold of 1.8%, and calculated to be 1.07.

AWK outperformed the rest of the Utilities sector which went up 0.47% today.
American Water Works Company Inc is listed on the S&P 500 index, and was one of 319 stocks that increased today. Weighted by market cap, AWK represents about 0.08% of the S&P 500.

Tornado Warning Released by The National Weather Service for Wayne, Stark And Holmes in Ohio


The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a tornado warning for Wayne, OH; Stark, OH; Holmes, OH starting on 2019/03/14 16:55. This event has already been observed and the event is categorized as ‘extreme.’

The best action to take according to The National Weather Service is to take shelter during this event. TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris.
Tornadoes are extremely difficult to see and confirm at night. Do not wait to see or hear the tornado. TAKE COVER NOW!

Magnitude 5.5 Moderate Earthquake Hits 7.46 Miles South-Southeast of Volcano, Hawaii

[SAMPLE ARTICLE FROM OUR ARCHIVES]A shallow magnitude 5.5 earthquake was reported 7.46 miles south-southeast of Volcano, Hawaii, near Chain of Craters Rd, Pāhoa, HI 96778, USA at a depth of 5.9 km, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. An earthquake of this magnitude is considered to be moderate.

It struck at Mar 13, 2019 at 10:55:13 AM UTC. USGS alert level for this quake is ‘green’ which mean an estimate of zero fatalities and less than $1 million in losses. USGS reports that this quake event was manually reviewed.
232 people have reported they felt this temblor via the USGS website.

In Depth Analysis of Logan Paul’s Twitter Usage

Logan Paul’s Twitter Breakdown

We looked at the habits and tweets of legendary Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) by analyzing the data looking for trends and insights. In total, we examined the last 1,000 tweets between August 9, 2017, and March 14, 2019. All times in this article are in Pacific Daylight Time.

The account dates back to November 2011.

This re-tweet by Logan Paul was the most popular of all the retweets

The Hours

LoganPaul’s top day to tweet is Friday and the most active hour is 1 p.m. For the period we examined, the busiest date was , with a total of 10 tweets.

Weekday/hourly Twitter habits of @LoganPaul

Weekday/hourly Twitter habits of @LoganPaul
Day of week chart for @LoganPaul

Day of week chart for @LoganPaul

Analyzing all 1000 tweets, Logan Paul tweeted on average every 14 hours, impressive by any measure.

Analyzing the past 30 days prior to the most recent tweet (posted Mar 14), we have generated this chart showing @LoganPaul the tweet frequency.

@LoganPaul%27s Tweet Frequency

@LoganPaul’s Tweet Frequency

Most Liked and most retweeted Tweet

Be a leader, not a follower

Logan Paul follows 4586 other users. Logan Paul is on the way to becoming a Twitter Legend, having amassed an amazing 4,847,491 followers. The most retweeted user was @ShopLoganPaul (4 times).

retweets by @LoganPaul

Retweets by @LoganPaul


Top tags used by Logan Paul were #BeAMaverick (used seven times), #MyDubai (used five times) and #IMPAULSIVE which was detected two times.

@LoganPaul%27s hashtag usage

@LoganPaul’s hashtag usage

Our Rather Unscientific Conclusions

Now we will we engage in total speculation about @LoganPaul. Because we can.

  • Both weekdays and weekends are tweet days, Logan Paul is an equal opportunity tweeter.
  • Assuming each tweet takes 30 seconds to type and send on average, then we can calculate the time spent tweeting over a one-month period is 25 minutes (30 seconds times 30 days times 1.72 tweets per day). If we also assume that before the actual tweet takes place, two minutes of thought are spent in deep contemplation about phrasing and possibly locating the perfect image, then the total amount of time spent tweeting and thinking about tweeting is 2 hours, 8 minutes per month.
  • 2.86 percent of the 35 tags had a number of upper and lowercase inconsistencies.This is a very consistent tagger that takes great care to get things right.
  • Logan Paul is on a streak and didn’t miss a single day of tweeting the past 30 days. That’s some serious Twitter Love.

Large 479 Foot to 1,072 Foot Diameter Asteroid Passing Close To Earth Today

Large 479 ft to 1,072 ft diameter asteroid passing Earth

Today the large asteroid ‘523605 (2004 RX10)’ is zipping past Earth, thankfully missing by 35,273,988 miles.

The first time the asteroid ‘523605 (2004 RX10)’ was observed was on Sep 08, 2004. Since 1900 it has passed Earth 178 times and we can expect it to return two hundred and seventy-eight more times within the next 100 years.

523605 (2004 RX10) is 479 foot to 1,072 foot in diameter and is passing by Earth at a distance of 35,273,988 miles.

Fun Fact: If this asteroid was a member of a frequent flyer club, it would amass 758,875 frequent flier miles per day.

Tracking asteroids and comets was a lot harder until 2016 when NASA opened the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO), which formalized the process of detecting Near-Earth Objects (NEOs).

When small pieces of debris, chunks of asteroids, or comets enter the earth atmosphere, they become meteors which in turn sometimes become fireballs. A more romantic name for meteors is shooting stars. The pieces that do not burn up upon entry can be very valuable to collectors if they can be found after they hit the ground.

Just this year NASA discovered a giant 22-mile wide crater buried under the Greenland Ice Cap. The crater, if confirmed, could turn out to be one of the largest known impacts an asteroid has had with Earth.

NASA Asteroid Tracker: 1,349 Foot Asteroid Headed Past Earth Today

Asteroid Sample
Asteroid Sample

Friday several asteroids are zipping by Earth, tracked by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

The solar system has been a violent place ever since the Sun formed 4.6 billion years ago. Our little neck of the woods in space was once littered with meteors, comets and debris all crashing into each others and our planets, each millennia leaving behind impact craters. On Earth, these craters have been covered up or destroyed due to erosion, weather, and tectonic plates movements.

NASA Researchers have now used data from a Moon probe, and found that 290 million years ago, the rate of impacts increased dramatically, and it’s still ongoing.

Just one major impact with Earth could cause extinctions like the one that ended the dinosaurs 66 million years ago and created the Chicxulub crater in Mexico. That asteroid is estimated to have measured a full over eleven kilometers across, and it caused the end of the Creataceous-Palogene era in a mass extinction event kiiling 75% of animal species.

The study comes as 9 asteroids are heading past Earth today, the closest one named 2015 EF7, measuring 115 feet to 257 feet in diameter and traveling at 7.08 kilometers per second. It misses Earth by just 4,824,989 miles, and will not return until Sunday Sep 01, 2019. The largest asteroid passing today is ‘2017 EV2’ which is travelling at 14 kilometers per second (30,680 mph) and measure 603 to 1,349 feet in diameter. Thankfully it is estimated to miss us by 34,834,740 miles this time around, but it will return in March 2020.

  • Asteroid 2005 ES70 is 152 foot to 339 foot in diameter and is passing by Earth at a distance of 5,186,056 miles.
  • Asteroid 2015 EF7 is 115 foot to 257 foot in diameter and is zipping by Earth at a distance of 4,824,989 miles.
  • Asteroid 2017 EV2 is 603 foot to 1,349 foot in diameter and is zipping by Earth at a distance of 34,834,740 miles.
  • Asteroid 2017 QX34 is 437 foot to 977 foot in diameter and is passing by Earth at a distance of 37,501,476 miles.
  • Asteroid 483656 (2005 ES70) is 152 foot to 339 foot in diameter and is zipping by Earth at a distance of 5,186,048 miles.
  • Asteroid 2004 RX10 is 479 foot to 1,072 foot in diameter and is zipping by Earth at a distance of 35,273,988 miles.
  • Asteroid 2008 SD85 is 229 foot to 513 foot in diameter and is zipping by Earth at a distance of 40,771,896 miles.
  • Asteroid 2016 CF194 is 132 foot to 295 foot in diameter and is passing by Earth at a distance of 33,750,080 miles.
  • Asteroid 523605 (2004 RX10) is 479 foot to 1,072 foot in diameter and is zipping by Earth at a distance of 35,273,988 miles.

Three Ideas For Connecting With Your Customers

Media Gazelle
Media Gazelle

When it comes to content marketing and the idea that you always need to connect with your audience, many small-to-medium-sized businesses struggle with ideas on what to write. You might run a small music venue or a bar and so the questions you ultimately face are: How do I connect with my customers and how do I stay relevant in my community?