Sample Articles

We add new articles and categories all the time, but we have included a few of our sample articles right here on our own blog.
Read more about each one below.

Make Our Articles Your Articles

While you can of course use our articles as-is, we recommend you edit as appropriate to suit your specific style of writing and tone. We provide a number of options and settings to tweak our articles, even after they're written, to fit your specific requirements, but the best results are always achieved if you make them your own

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For any Earthquake around the world with certain characteristics that makes it interesting, we generate an article right after it happens.

This article includes a map, which can be customized for your own site.

Notice at the bottom of the article that we also mention nearby places that might be located close to the quake.

The article also includes shake maps and definitions if available directly from the USGS website, plus links to relevant USGS information and pages for this specific earthquake.

Earthquake articles typically contain a 4-10 different map images to choose from, depending on it's location.

Twitter Analysis

One of our on-demand article allows you to generate an analysis of anyone's twitter account. You provide their twitter handle, and optionally a name, and we take care of the rest

This article features a lot of different chars and diagrams, like the bubble chart shown here which contains a breakdown of Paul Logan's hashtag usage

We also perform some fun analysis of the account, and list a few fun facts at the end. The included tweets are automatically inserted in Wordpress, but can be configured in your account for other CMS systems.

Weather Alerts

When there are severe weather alerts issued from the National Weather Service (NWS) our systems spins up and write articles about them.

The map shown here includes an overlay of the affected zone, which we generate automatically per alert. The map is zoomed to the correct level as well to provide the best information possible.

These articles include the original warnings and notifications from NWS, although we clean them up to look presentable.

NWS regularly issue tornado warnings, storm warnings, blizzard warnings, flood warninsg, etc. from across the US

Stock Updates

Any stock that hits a 52 week high or low, or perform in other significant ways, we generate an article about.

The image contains pertinent information about today's performance ,and also indicates the general sentiment. For example, this stock is on fire

We include information about the CEO if we can find it, or about the next earnings report if it's expected to be released soon.

These articles are generated on all trading days.

Crypto Currency Summary

Every day we publish a summary of the Crypto Currency markets, with a focus on the top-20 coins.

The summary includes summaries of the best and worst preforming coins, as well as a whole section dedicated to Bitcoin.

It also include summaries of some of the all time best and worst performers of the day, which usually includes a bunch of the alt-coins that swings wildly

In this sample, BDT Coin rose an astonishing 6,393%, so one of the included images highlights this fact

Daily Asteroid Summary

Each day we write a summary about all the asteroids passing near Earth.

The images included contains actual data from the article, in this case it's size, and the day of the week.

To write this article we analyse the raw data from NASA and include general asteroid information, and list all the asteroids that are passing on this specific date.

Specific Asteroid

We also write an article about each specific asteroid, so you can include the largest, the fastest or the one with the closest approach to Earth for any given day.

The image contains the highlight from the article.

As always, you can of course edit the article as you see fit after you copy it to your site.

Using our image generation tool, you can also create other images with your own headline

Executive Documents

We consider these articles as more of a service. Each time the US President release a new memo, executive order, etc, we write a short intro about it, and include the actual text in the article.

These articles are ripe for commentary, or can be used for inspiration or reference.

We also write articles about each bill intoduced or passed in Congress, as well as weekly and monthly summaries

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