Meet The Team

The founders behind Media Gazelle are an experienced and focused team with several startups under the belt.
We are all passionate about content marketing, news, writing and automation.
We are serial entrepreneurs and we live and breathe this stuff.

Anders Heie

Co-founder, CEO, CTO

Media Gazelle represents the convergence of Anders’ prodigious software architecture skills, his passion for innovation and an ever-present drive to use software to improve people’s lives. The son and step son of newspaper men, Anders is the motivation behind the birth of Media Gazelle. He remains as passionate and enamored by software as when he coded his first recursive sort algorithm. He is a full-Stack software guru, husband & father of a 2-year old. He also holds 9 patents.

Jari Niskala

Co-founder, Director of Technology

Jari is as passionate about health and exercise as he is about software. Having worked with Anders for the past 16 years on various projects and startups, they practically read each others minds working seamlessly together. Ultra-competitive, Jari has completed three Ironmans and more than ten marathons to fuel his passion for taking on difficult challenges whether in business or in athletics.

Max Humphreys

Co-founder, Advisor

Max is Canadian and loves basketball and the outdoors. He is a top-notch strategic business development aficionado and has worked with companies such as DivX and CamFrog. When he’s not deep in thought analyzing markets and competition he enjoys great wines. Don’t we all though.